Wednesday, November 2

Did al Qaeda include Tinkerbell in the death threat?

Oops! Pundita Brain Furballs Alert ack ack! They sentenced him to death for playing St. Peter, not Peter Pan. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief that Tinkerbell is not on the hit list.
* * * * * *
Al Qaeda has put out a contract on Egyptian actor Omar Sharif (remember Lawrence of Arabia?) because he announced that he enjoyed playing the role of Peter Pan. Tick tock tick tock is that a crocodile drawing near Captain Hook?

In other terror news, Riehl World View points out that Iran made the AP wires three times today and that none of the news is pleasant. I guess Iran's bosses are not happy with Monday's UNSC vote on Syria. Look for more chest beating from Iran, more attempts to provoke Israel into a war, and more "Made in Iran" bombs shipped across the Iraq border.

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