Friday, November 25

It's the thought that counts

Revised 11:45 PM, ET

Memo to self: Do not publish while falling asleep over the keyboard. Saw upon awakening that I left a few things out of my report on John Batchelor's Thanksgiving Day program, which is included in today's earlier post America's News of the Day.

Pundita forgot to mention that the report of a firefight across the Syrian border is (of course) "unconfirmed." And that Assad is also waiting for Chirac to leave office in the hope the flap about Hariri's assassination will die down then.

I'd also forgotten to mention the Shropshire-Kosovo segment (or rather I didn't notice until this morning that I inadvertently dropped it while cutting and pasting).

These lapses wouldn't have required an explanatory post if I'd remembered to add the obligatory caveat whenever I publish my hasty scribbles on broadcast reports.

Ah well, this will teach Batchelor's webmaster not to take a holiday off. And teach Pundita not to publish a post after too much Thanksgiving dinner.

In penance I put up a link to Shropshire's site when I corrected the post; here's the addition for readers who saw the early edition:

"Inspiring report on the Kosovo Children's Music Initiative. An American music teacher and composer uses her talents to help children in Kosovo. Pundita notes that Liz Shropshire's initiative is a good example of the 'small is beautiful' aid project."

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