Monday, November 21

Roses, Brickbats, and Pundita's 2005 Milkbone Awards

Pundita is still on vacation but we snatched a few hours yesterday to catch up on some recent events, which prompted this quick take:

The US armed forces in Iraq, for keeping a stiff upper lip while used as a political football by Brussels Heads and Likudniks on both sides of the US political aisle.

Condoleezza Rice, for toughing it out at negotiations on Gaza while plugging her ears against complaints that Abu Mazen is not in control in Gaza. Who would want him in control of anything?

Ariel Sharon, for staking his political career on his belief that a Palestinian state won't destroy Israel.

The vast majority of the Iraqi people, who continue to show grit and patience with their first attempts at democracy. Good luck to them in their December 15 election to choose a permanent government.

Australia's government, for consistently and courageously proving since 9/11 they're a true ally of the United States of America.

The Democrat Party, for taking an unequivocal stand in favor of trade sanctions against China.

Donald Rumsfeld, for

> standing firm against the Department of State's machinations to appease Brussels on Iraq, and

> surviving the combined onslaught of State, Treasury and Commerce in retaliation for his firm stand against China's deadly foreign policy.

The genius at the White House who said, "I have an idea! Why don't we expand our reading on Russian politics beyond the press releases of Putin's enemies?"

One Rose
The Kremlin, for clearly signaling they would take a tougher stand on Iran at this Thursday's IAEA meeting. We'll see whether the Russian Bear stands up to China's Dragon at the face-to-face meeting.

President Bush, for agreeing to honor Hu Jintao with a visit and inviting him to Washington for another round of listening to Hu's lies.

Republicans who continue to stab President Bush in the back about Iraq.

Democrats who continue to studiously ignore data on Saddam's WMD threat.

The Brussels Heads and Likudniks among retired US military brass who aid and abet US politicians working to undermine Bush's strategy in the Middle East. Get a foreign government lobbying license, ya bums!

American corporations copying the Gates Charity Formula for getting around anti-bribery laws in dealings with developing world governments.

Pravda on the Potomac (Washington Post) and The Brussels Times (The New York Times) for continuing to betray journalistic integrity in favor of keeping access to high ranking officials who wage the Beltway Wars.

2005 Milkbone Awards
Robert Zoellick, for being the poodle to US corporations that betray democracy in the name of free trade even after he moved to State.

Democrat Party bosses, for continuing as Brussels' poodle.

Republican Party bosses, for continuing as Beijing's poodle.

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