Saturday, August 25

If for no other reason Maliki's government needs to get out of Dodge

Pundita is having a fit. Just yesterday I advised that to help keep gains made by Sunnis against Qaeda in Iraq that the US bring in security contractors to help guard the Sunni sheiks who have fought Qaeda. Well according to Michael O'Hanlon's op-ed in today's Washington Post, my idea is dead in the water:
And while the interior and defense ministries have approved firing some commanders who have been guilty of clear bias or corruption, they still protect Shiite militias. They also often interfere with the hiring of security forces, particularly in Sunni regions such as Anbar.
That's the final straw.

Why should US soldiers be dying and wounded to bring an end to the worst violence while Maliki's gang works against them at every turn? That damn Dawa party has to go. Don't be fancy; just run 'em out of Baghdad on a rail.

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