Thursday, August 23

Speaking of Iraq Slogger

Because I've done so much promoting of Iraq Slogger since early August, I assume Pundita readers who've taken my advice to follow the site know by now that Iraq Slogger has dropped a bomshell: On September 1 the site is going paid subscription.

Pundita is shocked but resigned. There have been many blows during this war; one learns after a time take bad news in stride. Yet after John Batchelor's show went into hiatus I warned that we'd all have to work harder now that we couldn't depend on John's research and analysis.

It's the same for Iraq Slogger. Often, my choice is between research and writing, as it is for many bloggers who are not paid for their time. So it's been a great help to have quality daily summaries of all major US and Arab media on Iraq at my fingertips.

Given the September showdown in Congress over Iraq, I wish the site's owners had held off until October 1 before halting the free service. But I can only wish the best of success to Iraq Slogger's efforts and thank the entire staff for all their hard work.

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