Wednesday, August 29

President Sarkozy's bombshell

"An Iran with nuclear arms is, to me, unacceptable, and I am weighing my words." Sarkozy told members of France’s diplomatic corps on August 27. "And I underline France's full determination to support the alliance's current policy of increasing sanctions, but also to remain open if Iran makes the choice to fulfill its obligations. This policy is the only one that will allow us to escape an alternative, which I consider to be catastrophic. Which alternative? An Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran."
The analyst hastens to add that France's President is not advocating that Iran be bombed, nor does he suggest that France would be involved in any such bombing. But Mr Sarkozy's first major foreign policy speech has made a splash.

I am just not sure how to take the speech with regard to the comments about Iran. Pundita would rather wait until the supposed showdown with Iran at the UN in September before leaping into thin air.

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