Friday, June 13

Steve Diamond threatens to sue Corrente. Pundita the Merciful is shocked, shocked

Because I don't use pictures at this blog and because three pictures are the punch-line to today's entry, this post is published at RezkoWatch.

Also, Steve Diamond will be a guest this Sunday on the John Batchelor Sunday Show on the KFI-640 portion (available as streaming audio): here:
8:35PM Pacific Time: Steve Diamond, Santa Clara University Law School, from his Global Labor and the Global Economy blog re Barack Obama and William Ayers and the Ayers-supported education theory of compensation to the poorly educated, called the “repayment of 400 years of the education debt to people of color.”

This is the second part of the conversation re Steve's posts Who 'sent' Obama? and When did Barack Obama Meet Bill Ayers?.

Also re the attack on Diamond by Corrente blog accusing him of being an agent of the “VRWC,” the vast right wing conspiracy.
The KFI portion of the show is also available in podcast about 24 hours after broadcast time.

See RezkoWatch for the complete show schedule.

Regarding the education reparations issue, which is heating up, see Steve's post today titled Open the Box. Race again at center of new education lobby.

See this Global Labor post for background on the authoritarian left and education reparations and this one for Barack Obama's stand on the issue.

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