Saturday, June 7

Sunday's John Batchelor Show: Steve Diamond to talk about the Barack Obama-Bill Ayer connection

Attorney, law professor, and labor union expert Dr Stephen F. Diamond will guest on the WABC-77 portion of John Batchelor's radio show this Sunday. They will discuss when Barack Obama and former Weatherman William Ayers met, and Obama's chairmanship of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which Ayers set up in the mid-1990s.

The interview is scheduled for 8:35 PM Eastern Time and will be streamed via the WABC website.

Batchelor will be interviewing other guests about Obama's associations. Visit RezkoWatch for the complete schedule for the WABC and KFI-640 Batchelor show broadcasts.

Here's background reading on when the Ayers-Obama relationship got underway. From Diamond's Global Labor blog:

When did Barack Obama Meet Bill Ayers? (summary)

Ayers-Obama Update...

Who 'sent' Obama? (Diamond's first post on the topic.)

See also data gathered by 'Mel' at No Quarter about a work connection between Barack Obama and Tom Ayers (father of Bill Ayers) and Bill Ayers's brother John that goes back at least as early as 1987.

What does it all add it up to? It adds up to Steve Diamond shaking a joker card out of David Axelrod's sleeve. If you work your way forward on Global Labor starting from Diamond's April 22 post, you'll see with amazement that he also shook an ace, a queen and a king out of the very loose sleeve of Obama's presidential campaign strategist.

The question is whether, at this late date, there's enough time to communicate the true story of Barack Obama to the general public. All I know for sure is that a good start will be made on Batchelor's show tomorrow night.

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