Monday, September 22

Good morning, Comrades and Comradesses in glorious People's Democratic Socialist Republic of United States of America!

Soon music of opening bell in glorious seat of government New York Stock Exchange will ring in our happy ears!

Soon glorious Politicheskoye Buro on Capitol Hill will unanimously rubber stamp appointment of Comrade Henry Paulson to position General Secretary!

All this on first day of autumn! So happy, so happy! Strike up balalaika! Where are little children with flower baskets? This is first day of rest of our lives, Comrade and Comradess Taxpayers!

We are so happy to live for glorious new one party political system with motto, "Your tax money bails out every stupid investor, piratical speculator and criminal investment bank president on planet Earth and maybe even entire universe!"

Send Enemy of People Stephen Moore of capitalist pig Wall Street Journal to labor camp! Send grumpy reactionary John Batchelor trying to organize another Boston Tea Party to reeducation camp!

Down with Batchelor Clandestine Radio! (#1 hour, 9/21 WABC podcast)

11:45 AM Update
"Greetings, Comradess Pundita!
Have crossposted your tract at The Real Barack Obama and added glorious revolutionary poster to embellish! All Hail Chairman Paulson!
Comrade Procrustes"

"Greetings, Comrade Procrustes!
So happy news of glorious revoution spreading, but notice you added words of reactionary Comrade Batchelor to tract. Life is short, Comrade, but reeducation camp is long, and reach of secret police even longer! Word to wise.

"Forgive Comradess Pundita, for lateness in crossposting your glorious revolutionary tract at Uppity Woman. Very bad night with wodka.
Comradess Uppity"

"Is okay lateness once, Comradess Uppity! Second time, on list of possible traitors to revolution!
Comradess Pundita"

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