Sunday, September 21

Steve Cohen on John Batchelor Show tonight; also, a raft of financial pundits to discuss Wall Street meltdown/bailout

KFI portion of the show (Eastern time shown); from the show schedule:

835P: Stephen F. Cohen, NYU, re the Russian market collapse and the Medvedev/Putin regime; re the global banking crisis and Russia; re was this Georgia or Putin?

850P: Cohen continue re the collapse of Ukraine government last week and the pending snap elections; re Yushchenko vs Tymoshenko; re NATO and Ukraine.

See this Sept 17 IHT report, Ukrainian PM blames rival for tensions with Russia for background on Ukraine situation.

John's hip, snarky 9/20 Toxic Hill is a good introduction to the discussions he'll feature with financial pundits Nomi Prins, Stephen Moore, Charlie Gasparino, Jim McTague and Jim Rogers:
Another Thrilling Week Ahead, and the Ticket is Free (Smile)

Hank Paulson goes to Capitol (Toxic) Hill starting Monday morning 22 to meet with the leadership in both Houses that control the RTC2.0 legislation that doesn't exist yet. They need a name. Toxic Waste Disposal Unit doesn't sing (TWDU). HazMat is taken. After that, it will be spin and gamesmanship and the always useful hostage-taking. We will need a scorecard to sort the players [...]
See the schedule for details on both parts of the show.

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