Friday, September 26

A message from American taxpayers to Washington's plutocrats: Don't tread on me!

Shades of the Boston Tea Party! John Batchelor on the brewing revolution, if you'll pardon the expression:
There is no deal likely, not today, not tomorrow, not this weekend, and the holidays next week move this melodrama to late next week.

And why? Because the emails and faxes and phone calls to Capitol Hill are running 10 to 1 against the Hank Paulson deal. Ten to one against from the Democrats. One hundred to one against from the Republicans.

Because the American taxpayer is making a stand. Because the House GOP has found the high ground, and the American citizenry is on the same high ground. Why do we see Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer at the microphone blaming and carping and whining and spinning? Because the GOP does not need to talk. The Paulson deal is unacceptable. No handouts to the plutocrats. The Democrats realize by now that they have goofed.

How to get out of this. Yell louder? You gonna shout down the American voters? Do you hear them, Barney? "No deal!"

Spoke to my colleague Jodi Schneider, Congressional Quarterly, and she told me that Nancy Pelosi has heard loudly from her members in the majority that if they vote for this deal while the GOP votes against they will be barbecued by their constituents. Roasted. Run out of their districts.

It is not close. There is revolution in the air. Paulson and Bush are gone in months. The GOP starts again in January, and the young GOP knows that there is no future for anyone who signs onto this folly from Goldman alumni. One hundred to one.

Debate in Ole Miss

Will John McCain stroll onto the stage tonight and tell the American people that he is leader of a party that will fight Wall Street's schemes to rob the taxpayer? Will he say that his election depends upon principles?

Will he say that letting the fox dash into the chicken coop is not going to happen on his watch? Will he say that the Republican Party would rather lose an election than lose the trust of the American people?

Will he say that he stands with Main Street against Wall Street and its friends Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Paulson and Barack Obama, Larry Summers, Bob Rubin, Buffet, Paul Volcker? Unknown.

Either way, no deal, not tonight, not tomorrow, not by Monday. We stay together or they will cut us up for bait. Join or Die (Benjamin Franklin's warning). Don't Tread On Me.

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