Thursday, September 8

Crazy Indians, crazier Americans

From Indian investigators arrest three men in Kashmir over Delhi bomb, (U.K.) Telegraph, September 8:
Meanwhile, prime minister Manmohan Singh's Congress Party-led federal coalition was also loath to even hint at the involvement of either Bangladesh or Pakistan in the bombing as it could handicap improving diplomatic relations after years of hostility.
Yup. But if you think that's crazy, the faction in Washington that wants to keep Pakistan as a U.S. client state at all costs, including the cost to American and Afghan lives, has won out over the sane people. And they are using India's attempts to 'get along' with Pakistan as a rationale to keep covering for Pakistan's military.

The Indians haven't been playing it any more stupid than the USA all these decades with regard to Pakistan, so if they want to go on playing stupid and throw crazy into the mix that's their problem.

The problem for Americans is that our most influential Washington policymakers think the world is high school. So now they want to be BFF with India, and you know how it is with BFFs. If you see them doing something crazy you go along.

Is the solution to ban high school? I am beginning to wonder.

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