Wednesday, April 23

Here we go again, another Wag The Dog war. Why don't we just turn the White House into a dog kennel?

So now we're going to Save Ukraine.  Say, whatever happened to Save Syria?  I thought we were gonna bomb that country back to the Stone Age to save it.  And whatever happened to Save Egypt?  And what about Save Libya?  Then there was Save Afghanistan. Remember that?  It turned out we could only save it within the parameters Pakistan and Saudi Arabia set down and the United Kingdom "approved."
How many Americans had to die while fighting within the parameters?  Maybe Richard Holbrooke could tell us, now that he has a desk in Hell.
On to more important things, like distracting the American masses from the publication of Glenn Greenwald's book, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State.  The publication date, by the way, has been moved forward again, this time from April 29 to May 13. Every time a new publication date is announced, Friends of NSA go over the top with propaganda. I'll bet each time Greenwald makes notes on what they say and adds another chapter to the book. 

But just for good measure, this time let's see what we can do to start a shooting war with Russia.  That'll bump Snowden and his accomplices from the front page.

So we had Vice President Joe Biden yesterday reeling off the names of Ukrainian towns that he must have practiced two days to pronounce, in order to send a clear message to Russia's government that Americans just might have to shed blood to protect Ukraine's right to exist.  Yes, my fellow Americans, we're all Ukrainians now.   

To make double sure the Kremlin knows the White House means business, the U.S. military is now conducting infantry training exercises on Russia's border.

So why don't we get a couple German Shepherds to give press briefings in the Rose Garden? It would be much simpler.  To all questions about NSA the answer would be "Woof!"


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sykes.1 said...

It's not just the administration. The entire political class from all parties and the entire media is wallowing in jingoist warmongering of the worst kind. It's almost as if they are trying to provoke a very large-scale war in Europe. Unlike WW I or II, WW III would be a deliberate act of the West's Ruling Class.

But this situation might not be new. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the US and NATA have been running amok. If one considers it from Russia' usual paranoid viewpoint, the Ukrainian crisis is merely one more in a long line of attacks on former Soviet allies or bordering states: Serbia, Iraq (twice), Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine.