Tuesday, April 15

Today's USA, straight out of the plot of "Aliens"

For me the most striking aspect of the NSA Affair is the number and range of American phonies it's exposed:

The Conservatives who bathe in Eau de Constitution and drape themselves in the American flag, betraying every value this country was founded on.

The Liberals who turn out to be jackboot fascists.

The human rights activists whose activism stops at challenging the Democratic or Republican party lines.
The War Hawks who look the other way when the nation's premier spy agency showed itself to be a dud at uncovering terrorist plots.

The computer-internet industry giants who built their reputations on being anti-Big Brother, secretly working hand in glove with clandestine government surveillance programs.

The Libertarians who see nothing wrong with suspicionless surveillance as long as the government isn't breaking down their door.

Yes, you just never know anymore what will pop out at you from an American.

But how did it happen in a country that enshrined straight speaking? How did we produce so many two-faced people?  Can we just blame this on the Media-Politics Industrial Complex?


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Piercello said...

Pundita, I'd say the short answer is yes.

A medium answer would be to say that the powers that be have gained just enough scientific knowledge regarding the art of psychological manipulation to be dangerous, but not yet enough to be wise.

The example that comes to mind is of insufficiently experienced pilots forced to fly by instruments, as do some of the possible consequences. How much altitude does the airship of state still have?

The proof of the long answer won't fit in the margins.