Tuesday, April 5

From 'How to Lose a War' to 'How to Win' in little more than four years

"The Syrian Arab Army had neither pilotless reconnaissance planes (drones) nor satellite images, unlike the jihadists, who had access to NATO information."

"For the first time, the Iranians trained not only Shia fighters, but especially Sunnis and Christians."

Military expert and former deputy commander of the military Otopeni (Romanian) Airport Valentin Vasilescu's nuts-and-bolts deconstruction of the Syrian Arab Army's turnaround, translated by Pete Kimberley for Voltaire Network, is a treat for war strategy buffs. And it brings home just what a sitting duck the Assad regime was at the opening of the war. There are many life lessons in the account in addition to those for the battlefield.
In the end it comes down to heart; the Syrian military eventually got tremendous help from Russia and Iran but its commanders, air force and ground troops made the very best of it. It is an amazing story.  

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