Friday, April 1

Infighting heats up between rival terrorist groups in Syria

As always there's lots of war news from FARS in addition to their daily sitrep. See today's sitrep, Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army, Popular Forces Close to Winning Key Regions in Homs, Hama ProvincesFARS is a great source because Iran and Hezbollah have so many fighters in Syria. But I was struck by these headlines at FARS today:

Syrian Air Force Destroys Al-Nusra Front [al Qaeda] Military Positions in Eastern Idlib
ISIL Executes 10 Al-Nusra Front Rival Militants after Infighting in Damascus Countryside 
Heavy Infighting Intensifies between Rival Terrorist Groups in Damascus Countryside 
Infighting between Rival Terrorist Groups in Damascus Countryside Leaves 18 Dead 
Heavy Infighting Rages among Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

There's going to be even more infighting as the Syrian Army continues to shut down supply routes for al Qaeda and Islamic State and the rest of the alphabet soup of jihadist fighters.  So it might not even be necessary to completely seal off all the border crossings because if they can't move the supplies further into Syria, the bad guys are toast.  

This wouldn't prevent the Axis of Evil -- US, Al Saud, France, Britain, Turkey, etc. etc. -- from making large-scale airlifts of weapons into Syria but I have a feeling the Russian air force is waiting for them to try.  

From the second report on the FARS list:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Field sources reported intense infighting between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Al-Nusra Front [al Qaeda] on one side and the ISIL-affiliated Brigade terrorist groups on the other side in the Western parts of Dara'a.

During the clashes, the FSA and the Al-Nusra Front managed to take full control of the Northern part of the town of Tassil in Western Dara'a from Lawa Shohada al-Yarmouk and Harakat al-Mosana terrorist groups.

Score of terrorists from both sides were killed and injured during the infighting on Friday.

Internal clashes among the terrorist groups are on the rise after the Syrian army's advances in more militant-held territories and after a recent ceasefire between the government troops and armed opposition factions that excludes the al-Nusra Front, ISIL and Jeish Al-Islam.

Almost the entire range of extremist and terrorist groups are supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with their key commanders and leaders being Saudi nationals. ISIL, Al-Nusra and other extremist groups pursue the same line of ideology exercised and promoted by Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism. Hundreds of Saudi clerics are among the ranks of ISIL and Al-Nusra to mentor the militants.


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