Monday, June 13

An Adventurous French Christian Saint in Africa

I learned about Anne-Marie Javouhey (1779 - 1851), who was finally canonized in 1950, from a lyrical tribute composed by Dioh Rémi and sung by the Julien Jouga choir. She  founded the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny and was known as "Liberator of the Slaves in the New World" and "Mother of Mana, French Guiana," But all that hardly encompasses her life. Even from the brief Wikipedia article about her, she shines through as the most incredible person, who lived the most incredible life. 

What a world this is, eh?  So many stories of greatness, only a few of which any one person can learn about -- at least, up until the days of Wikipedia and YouTube!    

Well, here is the song, accompanied by lovely still photographs of rural Senegal and some Christian churches somewhere in Africa, which I'll guess are connected with Saint Anne-Marie's order.  

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