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Friday, July 1

Emails reveal American NATO general plotted against Obama about Russia UPDATED

The Intercept published the report today. I seem to recall warning Europeans that they leave NATO before it destroyed them. What's it going to take for Europeans to face the truth that they are in VERY SERIOUS DANGER from card-carrying lunatics? Europe rendered a nuclear wasteland? Huh?


A coda to the Intercept report on General Breedlove's plotting and scheming is John Batchelor's conversation on Friday night with Michael Vlahos that he titled for the podcast, Accidental War, 2016, or Dr. Strangelove meets General Breedlove & the New Cold War. The parallels they draw between Breedlove and the completely insane Strangelove character Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson are -- disturbing, as is the 'new' cold war against Russia that Breedlove did his best to turn into a hot war while he was at NATO.

One of the hallmarks of crazy people is that they can't allow as much as an iota of the unexpected into their mental constructs. Batchelor and Vlahos make the unsettling point that the same failing can bedevil people whose job is always to prepare for war.....   

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