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Sunday, August 14

Heavy fighting reported at Bashir Al-Awad's fruit stand in Aleppo

Accused of chemical warfare Mr Awad told a reporter, "Of course I threw bleach at them. It was the only weapon I had on hand. I had to drive 75 kilometers to get those tangerines and look at them," he said angrily, picking through rubble from a missile shelling, two airstrikes, and a suicide bomb to retrieve what was left of the fruit dropped by members of al-Shitam Brigade fleeing the household bleach.  

Asked by the reporter which was worse, the constant airstrikes or shelling, Mr Awad replied, "The thievery. They don't ask. They just take. I'm sending the bill to the Saudi government."

The above sitrep is provided for readers who can't wait to learn the outcome of fighting on the southern "Southern side of Hikma school, near 1070 project, al-Ramousiyeh, Kafr Naha, Kafr Hamra, al-Ameriyeh and Gas station."

Urban warfare in Arabic-English. If I'd known this is how I'd be spending my time when I grew up I would have run away to a cave in Tibet; come to think of it I almost did. Lucky for civilization I can't take high altitudes, which reminds me of a Sai Baba story. Maybe I'll tell the story to celebrate the bad guys being run out of Aleppo. For now, back to FARS for more riveting war news. 

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