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Monday, August 22

Much damage has already been done by US/UK funding of White Helmets

Despite the claim of the following video, the greatest scandal of the Syrian War isn't the White Helmets. It's the ongoing U.S. support for terrorist organizations and their bankrollers, fellow travelers, and sympathizers. However, more people need to be informed about the doings of the group, also known as Syrian Civil Defense; the 4 minute video on the White Helmets is a good start.   

First, though, I want to point out that the reporter Matt Lee (speaking to State Department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner in the video) works for the Associated Press. You can hear the anger and disgust in Lee's voice. You can also hear Toner dispensing with the stonewalling routine in the face of Lee's questioning about the White Helmets. The Associated Press is not the Mashed Potato Falls Gazette or a Russian press outlet and State knows it.

It sounds to me as if AP is reaching its gag limit with reporting U.S.-created false information about Syrian matters.  

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