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Friday, August 26

Saudism has done more damage to Islam than all the Christian Crusades combined

Scott Shane at The New York Times has pulled together an excellent review of the Saudi efforts to Islamize the world in their own image. (Saudis and Extremism: "Both the Arsonists and the Firefighters")

No real surprises in the report for those who've been closely following the long war. But it brings home that by methodically destroying the many cultural variations in Islam across the world, the Saudis not only arrested the evolution of the religion, they also made it very fragile.

Maintaining Saudism depends on large and constant infusions of Saudi money to scores of countries. When the infusions cease there will be nothing left for the Muslims in those countries to fall back on because their own Islamic traditions had been wiped out -- by Saudi money!

How right Mr Gurdjieff was, when he said that those who live in sleep bring about the exact opposite of the results they intended.

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