Sunday, January 29

"Kun Faya Kun" UPDATED

The most I'll give away of the plot is that the six minutes in the film clip are meant to convey that the protagonist stayed with the qawwali troupe for some time -- two months, to be exact -- which explains the different clothing they're shown wearing throughout the scenes.
I've been debating with myself about how much to tell you about this 6 minute clip from a 2011 Hindi film called "Rockstar." Should I tell you the meaning of kun faya kun and provide an English translation of the lyrics? Summarize the plot or at least the background to the scenes where "Kun Faya Kun" is sung? Describe the place where most of the scenes are filmed and explain it's not a movie set out of a director's imagination but a very real place? Ruminate on whether a reviewer was right when he wrote that the film has a Sufi soul that was never fully actualized?

But nobody did any of that for me. I was just thrown in the water. So I'll split the difference with you. Take my hand. Ready? Jump!


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