Monday, July 23

Mr Pompeo, the U.S. participated in the gang rape of Syrians.

Pompeo Urges All Syrian Residents to Participate in Conflict Settlement
All people in Syria, including those residing in the country's northeast, should participate in the settlement of the ongoing conflict in the Middle Eastern country, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said.
"We will work with the United Nations and our partners to forge a lasting settlement of the Syrian conflict that includes full representation for all Syrians, including the people of northeast Syria now recovering from the ISIS [Daesh] occupation," Pompeo was quoted as saying by the US Department of State.
Mr Pompeo, Secretary Pompeo, Syrians were gang raped by at least six foreign powers: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France, Britain, and the United States. How dare the U.S. regime now purport to represent the interests of the Syrian people at peace negotiations? And on what grounds does the U.S. foreign office presume to instruct the Syrian people on how to act?

Now Secretary Pompeo, there will be no justice for the Syrian people, no "Judgment at Nuremberg" for them. So in the face of the horrific atrocities and loss of life the Syrians have endured, the very idea of reparations rings hollow. But at least the United States can remove the crippling sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and work with the Syrian and Russian governments to dispense as much aid and reconstruction funds as possible. 

The Americans can also recant the lies they told across two regimes about President Bashar al-Assad, or at least refrain from telling more.

The American regime can also wrap up their military presence in Syria this year.  

As to a peace settlement, the U.S. and its 'allies' must not be involved in peace negotiations in Syria. First because of their large role in the Syrian conflict. Second, for the same reason the U.S. needed to stop supporting 'rebel' fighters in Syria's south. As long as the rebels knew they could rely on the United States for help they saw no reason to negotiate, and no reason to stop their atrocities against civilians.

Finally, by their actions in Syria the U.S., British and French regimes have set back the cause of liberal democracy in the eyes of many who know the truth about what happened to the country. So all that those regimes have been able to do with the help of their national media is generate massive amounts of propaganda to prevent their citizens from knowing the truth.

Secretary Pompeo, the propaganda mill about Syria is collapsing. I would be more concerned about that than with a futile attempt to save American face. 



sykes.1 said...

Short version, Assad won. Move on.

Pundita said...

Ah you forgot the fundraising phase