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Thursday, October 25

Another member of the research team goes AWOL

The excuse this time is, "I need to get in some play before PEPCO saws down the rest of the trees in our neighborhood."

I hope they're keeping track of all this down time so there won't be any long faces when it's Christmas bonus time.

But all right, although I think the electric company that serves the District of Columbia sawed down all the trees it could after the last storm here -- although I grant there were some neighborhoods it couldn't enter on account of lynch mobs made of people who hadn't had electricity for a week.. 

Meanwhile I should join all those other cockeyed optimists and start preparing for Frankenstorm; this on the hope the weather gods dislike us so much here in the nation's capital they'll spare us, just because everybody went to so much trouble to get prepared for the storm.

I'll see you sometime next week, provided the District hasn't floated off down the Potomac River by then.

Best regards to all,

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