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Monday, October 8

War on little cat feet: Aleppo Chess and Assad's warelords (UPDATED)

Awwwww. Batchelor spoiled my fun. He corrected the typo in his post so it now reads 'warlords.'  So I'll also correct the typo but will leave my silliness stand.  
There is such a delicious typo in Batchelor's latest that I'm going to let it stand. At least I hope it's a typo and not a word for a new kind of warrior.

Questions Batchelor does not raise in his post but which Pundita would like answered: Is Erdogan prepared to fight Assad's warelords to the last drop of American blood? Is Saudi King Abdullah prepared to fight Assad's warelords to the last drop of American blood? Will our dear NATO allies send a flotilla of rubber duckies to help us guard the Strait of Hormuz and Suez Canal in case this rumble gets really ugly?

[Shaking crystal ball then banging it on the desk] Out of service again. Money-back guarantee, my foot.

Photo: Turkey's military on Sunday fired artillery on targets inside Syria for a fifth consecutive day, immediately responding to a Syrian shell that landed on Turkish soil. The exchange kept tensions along the volatile border running high and stoked fears of a regional conflagration.

Aleppo Chess
John Batchelor
The John Batchelor Show
May 8, 2012

Spoke Aaron Klein, WABC radio, re the sitrep in the region. The shoot-down of the drone points toward a Hezballah operation using an Iran built drone (perhaps Chinese technology copied from US). The preliminaries on the Turkey-Syria border north of Aleppo indicate that the war plans are moving along on schedule. PM Erdogan arranged the Parliament to endorse military action against Syria and then addressed the nation that war is possible. The Cairo-Ankara-Doha-Riyadh alliance has arranged the drama so that there is only one direction. Negotiations with Assad are finished.

The first Turkey alliance goal is to develop the 10 kilometer deep "Free Syrian Army" zone, and then increase it to 50 kilometers deep toward Aleppo. How long will this take? The battle is underway. The exchange of artillery is to establish the contest.

Many alternative news sources claim that this was a “false flag” attack to justify a Turkish attack on Syria.

Syria and the American Election

The chess game at the Turkey-Syria border continues with many hands. There is an advantage for the belligerents to accelerate the contest before the Election. Israel is alert and ready: why IAF aircraft sortied over Hezballah bunkers the day after. There is reason to anticipate that Tehran will order Hezballah to salvo rocket barrages into North Israel. Same rocket barrages are possible from Syria into Golan. Aaron Klein tells me that Assad is meeting with his warlords in Damascus, likely as I write, to consider calling a full mobilization of the military. Will the reserves respond?

The Obama administration cannot easily solve the crisis. What is strange is that POTUS Obama does not control the battlefield or the pace. The US signed onto the "Free Syrian Army" gambit some months ago.

What will Romney do? The foreign policy address is said to include a recommendation to intervene in Syria. This will confuse and frustrate POTUS Obama, who is already participating in the intervention in Syria, though from the background -- more "leading from behind." Many twists in the road until November 6. The Turkish artillery speaks. Will Syria attack Israel in order to make it appear that the Turks are part of a Crusader-Zionist plot?

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