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Friday, October 19

Subpoenaed cables show that for months prior to his death Amb. Chris Stevens repeatedly and strongly warned State HQ that Benghazi security was very bad and driven by Islamists

"Islamic extremism appears to be on the rise in eastern Libya," the ambassador wrote, adding that "the Al-Qaeda flag has been spotted several times flying over government buildings and training facilities ..."

The documents also contain evidence that the State Department's denials of requests for enhanced security in Benghazi in the months leading up to the attack may have contributed to the ability of the attackers to plan their assault on the consulate and annex grounds without being detected.

Don't miss the report for Fox News filed by James Rosen. Another don't miss:  Fox will be airing a special tonight at 10 PM on all aspects of the Benghazi incident and political aftermath ("Death and Deceit in Benghazi").

The original title of this post mentioned only the months Aug. and Sept. in referring to the warning cables but actually they go back at least as early as June, so I changed the title in the attempt to better convey the seriousness of the release of the cables. 
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