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Saturday, October 20

Correction to post on Fox special on Benghazi with Greg Palkot's report

Fox has posted videos of Greg's report. Reviewing now then will post links.

In my rush to get up the original post I initially wrote that the attackers never got inside the main residence; I corrected that almost immediately -- they got inside the residence but couldn't get past the security gate that marked off the "safe haven" inside the residence.

I watched Greg's report again; one thing I missed first time around: he said that eyewitnesses to the attack heard foreign accents among some of the attackers.

For readers who missed the earlier airings of the special report, I'm assuming that Fox will re-broadcast it ("Death and Deceit in Benghazi") this weekend. Again, the special might not show up on your cable schedule under that title; Fox aired the special in the time slot for Greta Van Susteren's "On the Record" and that's how it might be shown on the weekend schedules. I am hoping Fox will post a video of the special and back this up with a transcript of Greg's report on the attack on the compound and annex.

I'll take this opportunity to thank Greg and his team and Bret Baier and everyone else who worked on the special report. Sometimes I get so angry with Fox's reporting, or lack thereof, on many international affairs, but this report makes up for a lot of omissions over the years. 

And from the start, Fox reporters have been tireless in digging into the entire Benghazi.affair. Those who would say they did this for political reasons haven't been paying attention. This is an American tragedy, a terrible tragedy that has profound implications for American defense policy.  Fox recognized this from the start, and showed what it can do by way of investigative reporting on international incidents when it puts its mind to it.  It's to be remembered that Fox made a name for itself with its great coverage of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. 

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