Tuesday, March 10

Stop bad water management! Drive a Prius!

I'm discovering it's hard to find a news report or editorial on water shortages in the Middle East that doesn't veer into a discussion about climate change.  If the hot air merely contributed to global warming I'd be philosophical. But governments and international organizations that have bought into initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint have taken up a straw man argument that goes like this:

A. There's a water shortage.
B. Drought caused the shortage.
C. Climate change caused the drought.
D. Therefore, we must address climate change.
E.  Thusly, we must reduce the use of fossil fuels.
What does that very dangerous chain of reasoning have to do with people in say, Syria, knowing so little about water management that the water table falls below the reach of their well-digging drills?  What does it have to do with not including the evaporation rate in discussions about rainfall statistics? 

I could list hundreds more examples but why bother?  Climate changers look at every plea for sane water management as stealing thunder from the important issues. 

Meanwhile even the most simple tactics for conserving water go ignored.  Which is to say climate changers are helping set billions of people and their livestock on a course to die horrible deaths for no good reason. 

But look on the bright side: billions fewer, right there is a reduction in the carbon footprint.


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