Thursday, March 12

Washington, keep your paws off indigenous pro-democracy initiatives

I knew there was something hinky about the "Occupy Central" protests in Hong Kong.  I'd gotten to the point during the past 15 years where I'm like a veteran vice squad cop who watches out for pickpocket gangs at airports. After a while I'd developed a sixth sense.   

So I took one look at those protests in Hong Kong and said, "I'll bet the farm the usual suspects are involved," but as there was nothing to be done if I was right I let it go. Then this morning I stumbled across one of Tony Cartalucci's muckraking reports and sure enough, the same cast of characters that crapped up democracy initiatives in Burma, Iran, and Egypt and was pussyfooting around in Thailand had been busy at work in Hong Kong.

I'm so ticked off at this moment  it's interfering with my schedule. All I can do is fume.  Did I not warn?  Did I not warn on the very first day of this blog that Washington had to stop fielding phony democracy movements?  That it had to retire the Cold War tactics used to install U.S. puppet governments under the guise of the People's Will in action?  

Did I not explain all the way back in 2004 that whatever utility the tactics had at one time was by then counterproductive?  Did I not elaborate on this point repeatedly over the years on this blog?  Did I not explain that by this era every authoritarian government in the world had memorized all the tactics and could spot them from a mile off?  

So I have a question for the great American promoters of democracy in China:  Are you happy now that you've completely messed up Hong Kong's bid for greater autonomy?  

According to Tony, at least from my reading of the HK report and his reports last year about Thailand, it's not so much the defense crowd anymore that's now running these phony democracy initiatives as the rent-seeking crowd.  If so, then it would be extremely hard for official Washington -- Congress, White House Administration, and defense community  -- to put a lid on the machinations.  

There's also the fact that rent-seekers are now out of control the world over, as I think I mentioned recently. 

What could be done is shut down phony ngos -- the gongos -- orchestrated by the U.S. Congress and State Department, and which are infamous for meddling in homegrown pro-democracy initiatives. 

And the White House could at least try to talk reason to London and Brussels about the wisdom of continuing financial support to European and British versions of the meddling U.S. gongos.

All these players, and especially their military brass, need to recognize that in Egypt the chickens finally came home to roost. The Egyptian military not only ordered the arrest of some of these American meddlers but also threw the American gongos out of the country, at least until they got control over them. 

That's not an anomaly. That's a trend. Egypt was just the most spectacular example of the trend to date.

Then the American public wonders why so many people in other countries have turned against the USA.     

[flipping a pen in the air]  

All right, Pundita, this isn't making you feel any better. Back to the water crisis.  Idiots. Do you realize that because I live in Washington it means I live surrounded by idiots? How you would you like it if you had to live that way?. All right, enough. Enough.  Have some chocolate and shut up.


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