Thursday, March 12

The time Tony Cartalucci caught the State Dept. with its hands in the cookie jar

Speaking of Tony Cartalucci, as I did in the previous post, this is a funny story -- well, there's nothing in the actual situation to laugh at but Tony's dogged attempt to talk sense into the world's idealistic youth does have a humorous aspect. By the way I don't agree with every "geopolitical" analysis Tony has published; I don't agree with any analyst all the time.  Moving along, back in February 2011, Tony pointed out in print that the Establishment had palmed an ace on the world's youthful poker players.

This happened in 2008 when an American nonprofit organization called the Alliance of Youth Movements was launched.  It was billed as a place where the world's 'youth movement' organizers could meet and greet and exchange ideas on how to up-end or at least reform the Establishment. The organizers included those with Egypt's April 6 Movement, which eventually organized the Tahrir Square protests against Hosni Mubarak.

Tony warned that any organization's inaugural conference that was attended by "State Department staff, Council on Foreign Relations members, former National Security staff, Department of Homeland Security advisers, and representatives from American corporations and mass media organizations including AT&T, Google, Facebook, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and MTV" was probably not the best place for the world's youth to air their grievances against the Establishment.
For some unknown reason the Alliance of Youth Movements was quietly folded into another nonprofit not long after Tony sounded the alarm. However, this came too late for the April 6 organizers, who had to learn the hard way that they'd been useful idiots in a ploy by Egyptian army brass to get control of the Muslim Brotherhood.  

As to the youthful participants in the seemingly spontaneous Occupy Wall Street Movement -- the ones who'd staunchly supported Egypt's April 6 Movement and the Tahrir Square protests led by the April 6ers:  either they refused to heed Tony's warning or never got the memo.  Either way they ended up, probably for the rest of their lives, on U.S. government lists of possible terrorists and insurrectionists.  

Eventually, after it was too late, word surfaced on the Internet that the ad put out by the people who first called for the occupation of Wall Street had cost big bucks, and that the bucks had been provided by George Soros.

For another unknown reason George is characterized by the American media as a Leftist.  That's no Leftist. That's a Demolition Man -- one of several the U.S. Department State and various other U.S. agencies have called on since the Cold War days whenever they're trying to balkanize a country, bring down a government, or take down a foreign currency by several pegs.   

That's why I think the LaRouche PAC's old claim that George's hedge fund has laundered money for narco-traffickers is twaddle.  If the fund has ever laundered money for that purpose, I'd assume it would be for a Washington-sanctioned destabilization initiative.

All right; that's enough of a stroll down memory lane.  Back to the water crisis. Groan. C'mon, Pundita. Be here now. 

5:15 PM Update
Now that I've mentioned Tony Cartalucci twice in one day and plan to mention him soon again, I should warn readers who aren't familiar with his writings that in 2011 someone stole his identity on the internet. This was clearly done with the express purpose of using his name to promote a false view of the situation in Thailand. Tony had to threaten to sue the person to get him to back off, and he alerted the website administrator who'd been caught napping.  Here are the details.  

Tony's muckraking reports have been a lightning rod for controversy and he's been targeted by what I'd consider to be disinformation campaigns.  All's fair when it comes to geopolitical analysis that gets picked up by anti-American press outlets.  But he's much more than a muckraker in my view, and he's not anti-American.  More later.     



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