Wednesday, September 9

Migrations: "Will the last person in Kosovo please turn off the lights?"

From Craig Willy's undated essay, Why is free Kosovo providing highest number of “asylum-seekers” to the EU? although from the report he cites I'll guess it was published in June 2015.  (H/T Financial Times reader):
According to the most-recently published statistics, there were 185,000 first-time asylum-seekers in the EU in the first quarter of this year. Contrary to what you might think, the biggest group was not the highly-publicized Syrians or Eritreans, but Kosovars, whom we purportedly liberated in 1999.
Who are these 49,000 Kosovars? Are they ethnic Serbs suffering under ethnic Albanian rule? Or are they ethnic Albanians, because being ruled by a corrupt ethnic mafia of terrorists and organ-traffickers is sufficient grounds for seeking asylum? How many are seeking Western European goodies rather than “fleeing persecution”?

Incidentally, this is a good example of how Open Borders do not solve the poor country’s problems as “more than two-thirds of Kosovar Albanians already living outside Kosovo, most of them in EU countries.”
And yet, more are still coming.
Will the last person in Kosovo please turn off the lights?
Maybe the last person could also give the keys to the province back to Serbia. Was it really worth violating international law to bomb Serbia, and worth breaking our promise* not to unilaterally amputate Kosovo, if the overwhelming majority of Kosovars cannot be bothered to stay there and develop the country?
That's odd; when I went back to FT's comment section just now to get the name of the reader who supplied the link to the above report, the comment wasn't there.  Gone, with nothing to indicate it had been there in the first place.  

I'd seen the comment shortly after the FT article it referred to, Refugee welcome wears thin among Syria’s neighbours as war drags on, was published. There were only a few comments at that time, maybe less than 10, and the comment with the link to the Kosovo report was among the first. There was nothing in the comment of an offensive nature; it was very short, not much more than the link.

I've never heard of Craig Willy before; maybe it's something about the site that the Financial Times finds offensive?  Well, here's a list of the site's popular posts:

And from the "About" section, here are issues the author specializes in writing about:
  • French politics, neogaullism and protectionism.
  • European-American military and foreign policy collaboration.
  • The “European way of life,” especially the various national social, economic and environmental models.
  • “Regular” EU democracy, market integration and regulation.
  • The problematic institutions and decision-making of the eurozone.
Willy doesn't sound to me like a bomb-throwing anarchist. But from the Financial Times point of view?


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