Saturday, September 26

NATO, stop talking trash about Russia. Focus on Afghanistan

Don't you see what's going to happen? Islamic State has been fighting government militaries (U.S., Iran, Iraq) that haven't been serious about destroying them or have been in no position to seriously challenge them (Syria). Russia is serious. But then many IS fighters now in Syria and Iraq will flee to Afghanistan.  

So get your heads together, and this includes the White House. And stop the crazy speculations in front of reporters about why Russia headed to Syria unless this is your idea of black propaganda. Either way, stop the blather.  

With regard to the NDN, Putin's problem is that the vast majority of Russians never wanted it in the first place.  And they had conniptions when he agreed to let NATO actually land supplies on Russian soil even though, as one Kremlin official explained, "It's just things like toilet paper."  That bon mot resulted in rolls of toilet paper hurled at his office door.  
Christine Fair has suggested that NATO try to open up an Iranian route for transporting materiel into Afghanistan. I'm not sure that's a good idea, even if the Iranians agreed, although I understand her reasoning. Yet I think she might have overlooked that many Afghans including those in the government are almost as worried about Iran's influence in their country as Pakistan's. And I am certainly worried about that.  

I see a way Putin could frame the issue to the Russian public that might allow him to reopen the route even for the transport of lethal weapons. He could frame it purely in terms of helping the Americans fight the bad guys in A'stan so they don't spill into Russia -- any more than they already have. 

But the Kremlin -- and Russia's military -- would need to see a real change in NATO's attitude before he could run that line with a hope for success -- unlikely in the immediate circumstances, and immediate is what we need.  

Or the USA could peel off from NATO with the military part of the Afghanistan campaign and try to work out a deal with the Russians in that way.

In any event, the idea is to stop putting so many American military eggs in Pakistan's basket -- especially -- ESPECIALLY -- if the US has to send more troops back to Afghanistan.  Despite all their talk this year, Pakistan's military has given no evidence that it intends to stop directing terrorist groups that attack NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Now what we have here in NATO is a military alliance that  lost sight of the real war, and which believes itself so powerful it can allow Islamic State to go on living because it suits NATO strategic aims in the Middle East. We can see how powerful NATO is when it can't even deal with an invasion of the European Continent masterminded by a bunch of human traffickers in league with Turkish officials.

And I don't want to hear, 'But Turkey's NATO.'  It so happens that the present wave of Syrian refugees into Europe came right on the heels of Turkey agreeing to allow the U.S. to use Incirlik Air Base. It's past time for European NATO governments to talk turkey with Turkey.  

Condoleezza Rice said while she was Secretary of State, "One war at a time." Right now the war is the war against terrorism. Focus on that gentlemen, before Islamic State and the other terrorist groups score more huge propaganda victories by showing up the Western powers as weaklings and idiots.

Toward mustering that focus, some branch of the American government needs to tell the Atlantic Council and all their fellow travelers in Congress that this is the wrong time to attempt to start a war with Russia -- and that if they don't cease and desist they'll be treated as Fifth Columnists.  

Americans must look after their own interests first, and those interests are not served at this time by dragging our military into Eastern Europe's unending disagreements with Russia.  And the British government's undying hatred of Vladimir Putin -- although whether this has more to do with their relationship with the Saudis, I don't know.  

Now just see how two can play the nasty gossip game.     

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