Sunday, September 27

Vladimir Putin and Charlie Rose chow down

Putin must have considered Rose reasonably intelligent; the last journalist who was a dinner guest didn't last past the first course. Can't remember the fellow's name; I think he might have filed his report for TIME but don't hold me to that guess. I would have felt sympathy for his dismissal from the table except his questions were fluff-brained.       
Ad Week/ TV Newser by Chris Ariens, September 26:

Following his interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin outside Moscow, airing on the season premiere of CBS 60 Minutes Sunday, September 27, Charlie Rose and his team, including 60 Minutes ep Jeff Fager, were invited to have tea.

“And tea turned into dinner. And the food kept coming in,” Rose said on CBS This Morning. “I’ve interviewed lots of heads of state,” Rose said, but it’s the first time he’s been invited to stay for dinner. The camera was allowed in for less than a minute, Rose said.

In the interview, Rose asked Putin about how he’s perceived in America. “Maybe they have nothing else to do in America but talk about me,” Putin said with a laugh.



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