Saturday, November 4

Vast homeless camps in major Southern California cities keep getting vaster

Los Angeles and San Diego became ground zero for every city administration in the US that's wanted to ship its homeless population somewhere else -- homeless to include drug addicts and the barking mad, many of whom refuse to be placed in perfectly respectable homeless shelters. No, they feel safer living under the sky or in tents. But now, however, there are so many homeless in these southern California cities there aren't enough shelters to hold them all.  

The jawdropper is that even chi-chi Orange County became a magnet for the homeless.

The conditions in these vast camps, and conditions generated by the homeless in their surrounds, are now at crisis levels. The crisis is joined by a housing shortage in SoCal that's so severe it's causing large numbers of low- and middle-income wage earners to flee the state.  

SoCal resident Jeff Bliss has been reporting for John Batchelor's show on both crises; his latest "Pacific Watch" report, from last night, is almost unbelievable, the situation in SoCal is so bad.  

Here's the podcast. That'll shut up any Americans snickering at conditions in the 'developing' world. Granted, the homeless encampments aren't as bad as the slums of Rio de Janeiro -- but this is the United States, not Brazil. 


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