Tuesday, September 4

"Advanced weapons supplied to terrorists in Syria by foreign sponsors via bogus companies"

TASS reported on the first news to come out of the security/anti-terrorism conference in Moscow, which began yesterday and winds up today. No names named as yet -- at least not to the press.

MOSCOW, September 3. /TASS/. State-of-the-art weapons, including drones, were supplied to terrorists in Syria by foreign sponsors via bogus companies, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an address to the participants in an anti-terror conference in Moscow that was read out by Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov on Monday.

Terrorists’ resistance in Syria has not been broken down to the end," Lavrov said in the address. "Scattered groups of terrorists continue fierce fighting. Notably, militants suffer no shortage of weapons and munitions. Moreover, they use state-of-the-art weapons, such as unmanned aerial vehicles. Evidently, it would be impossible without foreign sponsors."

"The counter-terrorist operation in Syria has exposed numerous evidence of supplies of various weapons and hardware to terrorists by bogus companies via third countries," the document says.

The Russian top diplomat called on the world community to do away with the so-called "grey zones" in the economy used as a channel to supply militants with weapons. He also insisted that the practice of dividing terrorists into "good" and "bad" be stopped. 

"Life proves that everyone loses in the long run," he underscored.


So what are the chances the Russians will name names? I note that in June the Russians announced at a presser:
Chemical weapons production equipment found in the Syrian town of Douma and used by terrorists based there was manufactured in Western Europe.
We are ready to transfer specific information in a working procedure to our colleagues, if they display interest in that, and provide the corresponding proofs that this equipment got into terrorists’ and militants’ hands from Western Europe.
Representatives of the diplomatic corps and the media were invited to the news briefing of Russia’s Foreign and Defense Ministries on the probe into the incidents of the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
After introductory statements by [Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova] and Chief of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protection Forces Major-General Igor Kirillov, the media representatives were requested to leave the conference room.
The news briefing continued behind closed doors for foreign diplomats only.
From that I'd surmise that any naming of bogus companies will also done behind closed doors. But I think that kind of information will not remain under wraps for too long. 


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