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Damascus International Trade Fair looks like a success

As much as a success as it can be with all the U.S-EU sanctions on Syria. The report below from SANA doesn't mention China's participation but as I noted in an earlier post, from a photo it looked to my eyes as if a  Chinese was on the organizing committee. At this somewhat delicate time in U.S.-China relations, it's not surprising that the Chinese would prefer to help from behind the scenes and not actively participate. However, I notice Indians braved the wrath of the U.S. regime and set up a pavilion at the fair. Good for them!   

See the SANA website for photos of the fair.

Damascus, SANA – September 8 - The 60th edition of the Damascus International Fair witnessed a promising presence of foreign and Arab companies, along with a wide range of Syrian companies that showcased their products for exportation. 

The 10th pavilion in the Fair features several foreign participants, including the Republic of Abkhazia which showcased its food and drink products, with President of the Abkhazian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tamila Mertskhulava affirming to SANA the importance of her country’s participation in this important event.

Meanwhile, the supervisor of the Indian section Abdulrahman al-Taamri said that 20 Indian companies are participating in the Fair, whose products include cables, transformers, relays, stainless steel products, and food products like rice and sesame.

Nizar Abdo, a representative of Sohra Group which promotes Belarusian products, said that their participation seeks to pave the way towards taking part in the reconstruction process and meeting the Syrian market’s needs in various fields, with plans for building an automobile and bus factory in Syria.

The supervisor of the Brazilian pavilion Fadi Abu al-Ainain said that several Brazilian companies are showcasing products such as cosmetics and electrical appliances, and that participating in the Fair is vital for enhancing trade exchange and closing deals.

Secretary of the Armenian Embassy Tamar Deprodossian said that several private companies are participating via the Embassy’s pavilion, showcasing textiles, food products, and construction materials.

Supervisor of the Pakistani pavilion Obaida Khatak said that the Pakistani products showcased there include handicrafts, carpets, clothing, and medical products, adding that the Pakistani Embassy has opened a trade department to enhance trade exchange between the two countries. 

The Iraqi pavilion’s supervisor Ala’a al-Nouri said the pavilion showcases various industries including dates, and that 72 Iraqi businessmen are visiting Syria during the Fair to promote products and hold make deals.

Due to restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation, Palestine’s participation in the Fair was limited to Palestinian activities within Syria.

Meanwhile, Sudan participated with a pavilion showcasing agricultural and industrial products, with Sahar Abbas Omar from the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Markets who supervises the pavilion saying that the conditions are now suitable to signing agreements on trade exchange

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