Monday, September 3

Syria: The Not So Calm Before the Storm

> Two-day international security conference in Moscow kicked off today. Will Russian government use conference to name governments and spy agencies it's recently accused of directly transferring weapons to Islamic State? Russians claim to have proof. 

> Syrian uprisings continue against foreign occupiers: Residents of Afrin in N.W. Syria call for expulsion of Turkish army and its allied militias; in response Turkish army cuts down thousands of olive trees and destroys hundreds of hectares of farmland in region.

> The New York Times craps in its pants in attempt to portray al Qaeda in Idlib as humanitarian-minded victims. 

> Al Qaeda in Idlib using kidnapping and firing squads to block rival militants in province from making peace with Syrian government.  

> Colonel Pat Lang announces groundwork for the Syrian army's Idlib Offensive now complete with Turkey abandoning support for al Qaeda in Idlib, Tehran announcing complete support for SAA offensive in Idlib, Russian navy now massed off Syrian coast in Mediterranean; ball now in U.S. court.

> Moon of Alabama announces that two major pockets of Islamic State left in Syria are located in regions under U.S. military control.

Summit in Iran between Iran, Turkey, and Russia leaders to discuss resolution of Syrian crisis scheduled for September 7. All signs Idlib Offensive will launch directly after summit or at conclusion of Russian navy/air force drills off Syria's coast on September 8  -- making it three days before 9/11 anniversary. Here's hoping the New York Times editorial board and Pentagon choke on the launch date.

As to the rest of Americans -- grab a Russian flag in one hand and a Syrian flag in the other and cheer on the Syrian forces and their allies in the battle. 

In his Idlib battle sitrep, published today, Elijah Magnier noted, "It is unclear exactly why the US and the UN are offering al-Qaeda and similar jihadists and foreign fighters either protection (by wanting to stop an attack on their stronghold) or safe passage and to where."

It no longer matters why to this American. What matters to me is that al Qaeda ran rings around four consecutive American regimes, two Democratic, two Republican. I don't think they could have done that unless the regimes, and the U.S. Congress, had blindfolded themselves.


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