Saturday, September 22

Has NATO noticed the Muslim Brotherhood now has a seat at the table?

For that matter, has Israel's defense establishment noticed? I'd say no on both counts, else Netanyahu would have Assad on speed dial and seeing to it that a basket of Israeli fruit is delivered to Syria's presidential palace every morning. 

Nevermind, it'll all be clear in the end, although here's hoping NATO notices before then that Neo-Ottoman is Muslim Brotherhood spelled backward.

I don't think it's occurred to SouthFront either that the Brothers are now sitting in Brussels, but SF has used part of their their monthly shoestring budget to produce a helpful 35 minute video analysis, published yesterday and titled "Turkish Policy." The video is also available at SouthFront's YouTube channel until YouTube suspends SouthFront again for brushing their teeth the wrong way.  

The video transcript, only available at the SouthFront site, is subtitled "Turkish Strategy in Syria: Military Operations, Proxies and Idlib Issue." Usually I prefer to read transcripts if they're available but in this case I found the video visuals, in total, to be an aid to understanding that Erdogan isn't just blustering. He is after a big chunk of Syria. From there, pretend you're a high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood and look at a map of the Middle East. 


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