Sunday, September 23

While MSM were watching Idlib, Syria's army was plodding along in Suwayda

As-Suwayda Governorate (province), which is spelled several different ways, including Sweida

All 14 Syrian Governorates; map from Reddit's 2016 updated and revamped list of "The 14 Governorates, 65 Districts, and 282 Subdistricts of Syria" (Bravo Reddit)

June 10, Syrian News:
Assad regime forces and their allied militias managed to advance against the Islamic State group in As-Suwayda desert, Enab Baladi News reported on Sunday. ... It is noteworthy that the Islamic State group is controlling nearly 50% of As-Suwayda desert, while the military offensives are launched from three axes ...
September 23, Sputnik:
Syrian government troops are on course to mopping up the last of the entrenched Daesh* [Islamic State] militants in Al-Suwayda Governorate, as they have encircled the northwestern Idlib Governorate, the last remaining stronghold of militant and terror groups in the country.
The terrorists are holed up on extinct volcanoes in the Tulul al-Safa area in southwestern Syria, and have been effectively cut off from their supplies of water as Syrian government forces continue their advance on the eastern part of Al-Suwayda Desert, a Sputnik correspondent reported.
Earlier, the army severed Daesh* terrorists supply lines, killing snipers guarding approaches to their hideouts and bombing out their main food and ammunition depots.
Just as President Assad’s forces tighten the noose around the besieged jihadists, the terrorists have lost access to the last remaining source of drinking water following days of intense fighting for water reservoirs near Qabar Sheikh Hussein, which are currently under the government forces’ control.
Meanwhile, rocky terrain and frozen lava prevent tanks and artillery from approaching the terrorists' positions.
The Syrian Air Force is conducting a series of massive airstrikes clearing the way for the advancing infantry on the ground.
Last month, the Russian General Staff reported that the Syrian government had successfully restored its control over the southern provinces of Al-Suwayda, Daara and Quneitra. International focus has since shifted from south Syria to Idlib province in the country's north.
Idlib is now the last major stronghold for anti-government forces, which is dominated by a motley collection of jihadist militants, including units from the Nusra Front*.
* terrorist groups banned in Russia

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