Wednesday, June 29

Interesting events in Germany

Last night Marc Schulman at American Future forwarded me his latest posts relating to the election campaign in Germany. The posts deal with important issues that go beyond events under discussion.

First, the German press reaction to Tony Blair's address to the European Parliament, which is a window on a widening breach between France and Britain and the uneasy alliance between Berlin and Paris.*

The German reaction to Blair's speech is also a clue about the temperature readings we can expect behind closed doors at the G8 meeting. Bring your parka and snowshoes if you're planning on visiting Gleneagles.

Second, Marc's post on the formation of a leftist party that will drain some votes away from Schroeder's party. Will that be enough to give Merkel the win? The situation might be reminiscent of Ralph Nader's 2000 US presidential campaign.

American (and Canadian) readers will also hear an echo in points the new left party is making about foreign competition.

German media response to Blair speech.

To the Left of Schroeder.

* See Pundita June 22 post for the link to an analysis of the alliance and also if you need your memory refreshed about the importance of the upcoming election in Germany.

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