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What 92 year old Nazi war criminals do in their spare time

I've been informed that someone in Dubai set up a "mirror" Pundita blog on Google's eBlogger. The site is called "antipundita."

Mark Safranski at ZenPundit has posted a strong warning to his readers to avoid the site.

He found that destructive surveillance software was inserted on his computer during his visit even though he had a firewall. He wrote me that it took some time to clean up the resulting mess on his computer.

I've been advised to warn my readers as well. Oddly the mirror blog's target does not seem to be Pundita. The target seems to be a circle of bloggers who have taken up dispute with two Pundita essays, which concern in part the Muslim Brotherhood, the CIA and MI6.

From what we've been able to piece together, the Dubai person, shall we call him (I'll assume it's a male) became a member of the blog circle at some point, then anonymously set up the mirror site in Dubai. Then he invited the blog circle to visit and vent their anger at Pundita on his site.

Initially I dismissed the situation as a joke involving just the blogger circle and even made my own joke. I published a Tabloid-style post in big block letters promising to "Tell all" about the Muslim Brotherhood, the Nazi connection, and why it wasn't a good idea to attempt a U-Turn while eating a Taco Bell burrito and talking on a cell phone. (I've since deleted the post.) But as reports about the blogspot came in, I decided it was best to take the matter seriously.

If you can't stand not knowing what's on the site -- well, as ZenPundit describes it, it is pretty much rum-induced cursing at Pundita by Collounsbury, a Western expat in Morocco. Perhaps he was exercised about Pundita's post on the perils of Going Native.

The only other thing I can tell you is that the Dubai person claims to be British. Here Pundita feels a joke coming on but in deference to the seriousness of the occasion I will quash it.

A word to the person at a large financial institution in New York: if you have visited the antipundita site, you might want to warn the computer security desk and perform a very thorough check of the computer you used.

Here is the Dubai person's computer ID, for those security-minded people at the NYC firm:

Host Name
IP Address
Country United Arab Emirates
Region Dubai
City Dubai
ISP Multimedia Services Over Adsl Network

Here is the Dubai person's ID at Collounsbury's blog circle: (Multimedia Services Over Adsl Network)
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(And yes, I have notified Google's bloghost company.)

Well. We're certainly having a hard time moving away from the topic of the Muslim Brotherhood, aren't we? As long as Collounsbury's circle is already hopping mad, we might as make their day with this post by Marc Schulman at American Future titled Tariq Ramadan: A threat to the West. This for readers who have Ramadan confused with a Muslim religious observance.

While we're on the subject of phonies, this would be a good place to detail the bang-up job the Muslim Brotherhood, French and British did in helping the Palestinians during Arafat's era then blamed on Israel:
> Chronic malnutrition was not a problem during the 25 years of Israeli control. From 1967-1993 the economy of the West Bank thrived, tourism skyrocketed, universities increased in number from one to seven, infant mortality plummeted, life expectancy increased, and the lives of the Palestinian Arabs improved by objective World Bank measures. At one point almost 300,000 Palestinians were working in the Israeli economy, with earnings well ahead of their counterparts in neighboring states.

> Only after Arafat took over in 1993, with his Palestinian Authority gaining autonomous control of 96% of the Palestinians living in Israel, did the Palestinian people suffer the collapse of their economy and the spread of poverty and malnutrition.

> After Oslo, billions of dollars in international aid flowed into the PA, from the EU, the US, and a number of Arab countries. Yet the Palestinian people have nothing to show for this largesse. It is now obvious that rather than using that aid to build his state, with schools, hospitals, roads, and social services, Arafat created a massive kleptocracy that siphoned off vast fortunes to personal accounts, and squandering the rest on the terror war against Israel. Suha Arafat lives in luxury in Paris, on a stipend of $100,000 per month, while the average Palestinian earns $2.00 per day.

> Hundreds of tons of humanitarian supplies enter the West Bank and Gaza regularly, but never reach the starving Palestinians. As we know now from Jordanian and Palestinian sources, Arafat and the PA have created a monopoly on the transfer of food to Arab cities in the West Bank. Food entering the West Bank goes only to designated PA officials who then sell it to selected merchants. Thus Arafat and the PA reap financial reward by intensifying the food shortage at the expense of the starving Palestinians.

-- From David Meir-Levi's September 2004 report, The Islamikazi War and Palestinian Poverty
And for those who can't get enough of learning about the Nazi-Muslim Brotherhood connection, here's a brief history from Northeast Intelligence Network with color pictures. Kindly take special note of the last few sentences.

With all that behind us, tomorrow we will return to China I hope.

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