Friday, June 3

Pundita's File Cabinet

Every so often a new reader asks for an archive that presents Pundita's essay by theme. Months ago I created such an archive on another blog that links to this one but as the weeks and essays piled up, I shunted the project to the back burner with the promise to put it on my To-do list someday.

Someday has arrived. I've made a start at updating the archives, revising the category names to make them more descriptive, and adding a sentence of explanation about certain essays. I'm hoping to finish the project this weekend but in answer to a new reader's urgent plea for a "map" of Pundita's blog, here's the link to Pundita's File Cabinet.

The Pundita Mission Statement and first three 'files' -- Building Liberty's Century Policy, On the need to develop American policy as distinct from NATO policy, and What US policymakers should take into account about Old World nations -- will get the new reader started.
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