Tuesday, June 21

Mexico-Russia Waltz: "My God, just what we all need"

An alert reader ("Liz") just emailed a news report titled, Mexican president: Mexico building relations with Russia:
"Our countries have a lot in common. Both Mexico and Russia are creating new economic models and conducting similar economic and social reforms, while the development of their economies is driven by the energy sector," [Vicente Fox] said. ... "In foreign policy, our countries are advocating a multi-polar world and working jointly in this direction."
Liz supplied her editorial comment:

"Bozhe moi! Or, if you prefer (and you'll pardon my transliteration) --Odin sukim sin k drugo!"

Because the email was titled with the words I've quoted in the title of this post, Pundita will assume that "Bozhe moi" means -- well, the quote. As for the rest, I could try asking Ouija or just assume.

Pundita hopes she didn't give Presidents Putin and Fox ideas with her blogs on Mexico's corruption and mention of the profound parallels I noted between Russia and Mexico. However it came about, I'm glad someone else has noted that the two countries have much in common, such as entrenched vertical corruption in the government.

Well, it's not quite as ominous or sudden as it might seem. The Kremlin has been advocating Russia coming into our neck of the woods in a big way, ever since they got bent out of shape about the big US presence in their neighborhood. Tit for Tat Policy, I believe is the formal term.

But this is just why we are fortunate that the White House and our dear State Department have decided that one must take a whole-world approach when formulating foreign policy. See tomorrow's Pundita post for news on this stunning progression of events or Snail Mambo!, to show off Pundita's command of foreign language. Until tomorrow -- bozhe moi or skoal!

UPDATE: June 22
"Da, nyet, blini"

"Pundita, I thought you "nearly fell off [your] chair laughing" when you got my email because you understood the Russian. Okay, here is the translation:

Bozhe moi = My God

Odin sukim sin k drugo = One son of a bitch to another (or the other; depends on context)....

Skoal, indeed.

Dear Liz:
I am afraid Pundita's Russian is rather limited. As for the cause of my merriment -- your reaction to the Multi-polar Era. Pundita can translate that into plain English: "The We're Trying to Get Around the Bush Democracy Doctrine and US Cleaning Up the UN Era."

Hatamash bakateli! (That's Hawaiian, I think, for skoal, although I doubt I spelled it right.)

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