Wednesday, August 3

About Boxun

Yale Global Online joins the dicussion about the Ebola-like nature of the Sichuan outbreak. YGO quotes from a July 28 (Singapore) Staits Times story by Andy Ho titled China Bug – Is It Ebola-like Bird Flu?

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A second Pundita post yesterday evening continues my discussion about reports claiming that the mystery Sichuan disease is a mutated form of Ebola virus. The second post quotes The Epoch Times, which mentions Boxun.

The Chinese-language medical website has been the primary source of several breaking stories about SARS, Avian Flu, and the Sichuan "X" Virus and Beijing's attempts to cover up the disease outbreaks.

Thus, I thought readers trying to following the fast-moving and highly complex medical news stories relating to the outbreaks might want to learn about Boxun. A website called has republished a short South China Morning Post story about Boxun, which is itself a part of some important stories relating to investigations of the disease outbreaks.

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