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H5N1, Virus X, and a frightening flash from the past: Spanish Flu

(Note to new readers: This post builds on consecutive Pundita posts over the last few days and in particular yesterday's post, in which I expressed reservations about the associations and credentials of Patricia Doyle and Henry Niman -- names that have been linked with recent reports about an outbreak of Ebola virus in China.)

"Hello Pundita:
With regard to your request for information about my credentials and the nature of my involvement with the topic of infectious diseases in China:

I was an equine veterinarian for 20 years until my retirement in 1992. I began researching infectious disease and anti-bioterrorism as a civilian layperson in my retirement. I took many USAMRIID bio-preparedness seminars. I decided to report from a layperson's perspective on biowar diseases and related topics when I learned there were great inadequacies in America's biodefense system.

I have made guest appearances on Jeff Rense's program for almost a decade. He has been instrumental in alerting the public about emerging diseases. However, I am neurologically impaired and speech is extremely difficult for me; I retired from my profession due to illness.

Therefore, if you wish to conduct a phone interview I would suggest you contact Dr. Henry L. Niman. And he is the expert about the topics under discussion. His expertise includes DNA sequencing. Henry has called the H5N1 virus progression quite accurately.

Also, he was the first to discover the WSN/33 lab-developed genes found in pigs in South Korea. I note the WSM/33 are of interest because the human genes were laboratory developed in association with H1N1 Spanish flu vaccine research in 1933. (As to why the genes would be found in present day Korean pigs is a mystery.)

Here is a summary of Dr. Niman's credentials:

Henry L. Niman
Recombinomics, Inc. Founder and President, Henry L. Niman earned a PhD at the University of Southern California in 1978. His dissertation focused on feline retroviral expression in tumors in domestic cats.

He took a postdoctoral position at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation where he developed monoclonal antibody technology. He fused monoclonal antibody and synthetic peptide technologies and accepted a staff position at Scripps.

In 1982, he developed the flu monoclonal antibody, which is widely used throughout the pharmaceutical, biotech, and research industries in epitope tagging techniques. He also produced a broad panel of monoclonal antibodies against synthetic peptides of oncogenes and growth factors. These monoclonal antibodies were distributed worldwide to researchers by the National Cancer Institute. The antibodies identified novel related proteins which correlated with clinical parameters.

This technology was used to form ProgenX, a cancer diagnostic company that became Ligand Pharmaceuticals. Dr Niman subsequently identified protein expression patterns at the University of Pittsburgh. More recently, he became interested in infectious diseases while at Harvard Medical School. He then founded Recombinomics and discovered how viruses rapidly evolve. These latest findings are the subject of recent patent filings.
With regard to an Ebola mutation in China:

Boxun reports that a physician [in China] treating pig disease patients isolated strains of Ebola.[1][2] There is no verification of the report at this time. I sent the information to ... USAMRIID; as of this date I have not received an authoritative reply verifying the Boxun reports.

Dr. Niman has been concerned about H5N1 combining with WSN/33 and H1N1 (Spanish Flu). Moreover he is concerned about a H5N1/Ebola combination.

Quoting Dr. Niman: "Since both H5N1 and Ebola share a short region of identity, investigation of viral recombinants is warranted."

With regard to the spread of H5N1 [outside East Asia], it does look like Russia has now been hit with H5N1. Reportedly the Russian H5N1 displays some of the European signatures.

Also, I am convinced that China now has two types of H5N1: a new type that we saw in Qinghai and the Asian type close to the one that has spread in Vietnam.[3] [Dr. Niman] expects H5N1 to recombine and alter as it progresses through countries and infects people, birds, and animals, etc.

As for the so-called pig disease [what Pundita terms X Virus] that has been recently reported in China, my feeling is that the streptococcus suis is simply a byproduct or secondary infection. Many pigs have strap suis and it is endemic in China. The last outbreak in 1999 Hong Kong is on record. They did not have a 72 - 82% death rate [as has been reported with X Virus]. I believe that the death rate from strep suis is around 10%.

It is also possible that H1N1 (perhaps with the human WSN/33 genes) might be causing human infections of the pig disease.

Hemorrhagic symptoms have been noted with humans infected with the pig disease [not a symptom associated with strep suis]. I note that H1N1 (Spanish flu) displayed hemorrhagic symptoms in many cases. If the Spanish Flu and H5N1 recombine we could see the combined neurotropic symptoms as well as Ebola-like symptoms.

Boxun also reports entire villages razed.[4] If China's answer to this outbreak is to kill off the sick and contacts of the ill, we have a serious situation. China's government refuses to allow the [World Health Organization] into Sichuan to take samples of the pig disease. I think our government needs to implement some economic sanctions until the samples are shared. I would suggest that outside scientists observe the taking of samples and immediately take possession of the samples.

If you need more information please do contact me.
Dr. Patricia Doyle in New York"

1) Ebola outbreak in China: CCP cover-up... (This Pundita post quotes extensively from an Epoch Times article that mentions the report Doyle references.

2) See About Boxun if you are unfamiliar with

3) Boxun: China confirms Bird Flu in Quinghai is new type.

4) Qinghai Villages Razed

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