Sunday, August 7

Intelligence Summit website now valuable source for GWOT and US defense/security data

John Loftus mentioned to John Batchelor's audience on 8/5 that the Intelligence Summit website now has an extensive news section about US homeland security/defense/ terrorism and that the summit's ambition is to be the best source for news on the topics.

From my pass-through this afternoon, the Intelligence Summit News Page is already a valuable central source for the general news-following public as well as those working in all areas of homeland security/defense.

So I am adding a link to the page on my sidebar under the "GWOT" category. I especially liked the data in the IS archives for earlier years.

Pundita was also glad to discover that the 8/2 Loftus broadcast report about an Ebola outbreak in China, and which I referenced in an August 3 post, is archived on the Intelligence Summit News Page! The report is archived in audio along with all other Loftus reports to Batchelor's audience since August 1, 2005.

To access the 8/2 report, go to Intelligence Summit News Page, then scroll down to 8/2 "John Batchelor Show, August 2, 2005, John Loftus, Chinese Ebola."

Because the website for John Batchelor does not yet archive his show's broadcasts, at least now there is a website that archives Batchelor's nightly Loftus Report. That's a boon for Batchelor listeners who are unwilling to attend dinner parties, wakes and wedding receptions with a little radio wire in their ear. (Pundita has long since adjusted to being asked by curious dinner partners if I work for the Secret Service.)

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