Thursday, August 4

A cautionary note

Readers sorting through the data presented in my two earlier posts today and the earlier ones I posted on the X Virus might want to keep two points in mind:

When you study the historical pattern of the Boxun reports -- the ones on SARS and Avian Flu -- it jumps out that

(1) They were way ahead of WHO and the CDC reports to the public, and

(2) The Boxun versions, not the official Chinese ones, turned out be correct when China's authorities could no longer keep a lid on the situations.

Thus, I would be weighted to give careful consideration to the recent Boxun reports on the X Virus -- which, it does not seem, is limited to Sichuan province.

To be sure, caution is needed while studying such complex, alarming data. Yet one does want to approach the data with an open mind rather than skepticism. The stakes are too high in this situation to warrant dismissal of the Chinese doctors' reports on Boxun on the grounds they are not supported by hard evidence.

Of course the reports can't be supported because China's authorities are not allowing WHO to take any kind of forensic samples from the diseased patients, according to John Loftus' report last night on John Batchelor's program. They're not letting WHO representatives near the infection sites.

As for leaving to laypersons the tricky task of analyzing medical data, I have bad news. If not laypersons -- who else should be analyzing the data while medical officialdom sits on its hands?

It took the World Health Organization until August 3 to even mention the outbreak in Sichuan. And the mention ignored glaring anomalies in the data they published on their website. In other words, WHO simply quoted China's official version about the outbreak.

Last night marked the third night that John Loftus reported on the X Virus. This does not mean he'll be reporting on the situation tonight, but Pundita is certainly tuning in for his usual report segment during John Batchelor's program, which is around 10:35 PM, EDT or 11:05 PM, EDT, right after the radio station break and news.

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