Saturday, January 3

If you'd like to see better news analysis on cable TV, now's your chance

Pundita's favorite mainstream media news analyst, John Batchelor, has been a guest several times on Fox News Channel, but to the best of my recollection his January 2 appearance on Fox & Frends marks his first time on that morning show.

He provided three commentaries during the appearance; read about them here and see the videos here.

I am unhappy with John's comment that Hillary for Secretary of State was the best political move of 2008. The thought of Hillary Clinton and her husband being in Washington has always made me queasy. The song goes, "Stand by your man," not "Stand by your ghoul."

But I grudgingly concede his point: Obama's pick for the post was the most skillful politicking of the year, which I'll qualify by observing: provided you consider bone tossing a skill.

With that off my chest I'll note that just the other day I told a reader that if he really wanted to see better news coverage on TV, toss enough money to John Batchelor to launch his own cable news show.

I suppose a next best option would be John becoming a regular commentator on Fox & Friends. Here's the email address for the show; if you appreciate the analyses he provided on their Friday show, write and tell them so.

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