Saturday, January 10

John Batchelor Sunday Show: "The Slumdog Trillionaire Special"

Wow is all I can say, after reading the schedule for tomorrow's show. When Batchelor is on the air the radio medium beats out TV six ways from Sunday -- but just think what he could do with a televised news show.

Here's the lineup for the January 11 spectacular, which also stuffs in news about Gaza, another visit from the chronicler of the U.S.S Bunker Hill's finest hour, and Rick Warren's battle against AIDS in Africa.

Re the Slumdogs, take note of 'India's Enron' disaster. The difference with democracy is that at least the scandals can find the light instead of festering in the darkness of state silence. I watch and wait and worry about the China Enrons that won't see the light until they bring down global markets.

As always, both the New York and Los Angles portions of the show can be heard online (See John's website for links) and podcasts are available. John's website has the New York podcast; see KFI-AM website for the Los Angeles one.

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