Friday, January 9

Vote for Uppity Woman, Riehl World View, and Pundita

I have never mistaken a paper doily for dessert but often I am so lost in thought that I have been known to leave the house wearing a business suit and bedroom slippers. This would probably happen more often if I could remember where I left the slippers after I took them off or if I didn't inadvertently toss them in the trash.

I tried to solve the problem by purchasing the biggest slippers I could find -- these being fuzzy affairs with huge floppy ears and a rather demented-looking rabbit face on both slippers. But I soon found it's just as easy for me to lose track of bunny slippers as any other.

Thus, I was very interested to learn from reading Uppity Woman's Poverty Recipes section that there is a completely different approach to solving my problem: Why not make scores of bedroom slippers from Maxi Pad sanitary napkins?

In this way it's no great loss if such slippers get tossed, and with so many slippers around I can always find two to make a pair. And if worst comes to worst, I can make a new pair in moments flat.

If you are looking for a cheap present for your friends and family members, or you have my same problem, the directions for making the Maxi Pad bedroom slippers (from unused napkins, of course) from Uppity reader "Typewriterstreaming" are found about halfway down the Poverty page at the 9:27 time. And while you're there add your own best poverty-stricken food recipe (cooking old leather shoes in a crockpot for six hours has already been posted).

All this is by way of explaining that the deadline for voting in the annual Weblog awards is almost upon us, and I've just remembered that I wanted to ask you to vote for Uppity Woman for the Weblog poll's "Best New Blog."

If you have seen Uppity Woman's competition in the new blogs listed for voting in the poll, you'll know that cronyism alone does not prompt my request.

The tough-minded woman who is the sole proprietor of Uppity Woman is a Democrat who does not fail to take her own party to task, and she's been on the front lines of the battle to expose the truth about Barack Obama's career.

You can vote for Uppity Woman once every 24 hours in the Weblog poll here. The poll closes January 13.

All this reminds me that I also forgot to ask you to vote for Dan Riehl's Riehl World View blog in Andrew Sullivan's Malkin Award poll. I can't stand Sullivan so my absent-mindedness in this case might have been due in part to my unwillingness to send traffic to his site.

It's too late now; the poll is closed with Ben Stein the winner and Riehl World View the runner-up. Because the poll was not limited to bloggers I can't complain too much about Stein's TV fans eking out a win for him against a real blogger.

But Dan Riehl is a "blogger's blogger" as well as a stalwart of the GOP part of the blogosphere. The best advice I ever got about communicating my ideas to the public via blogging came from Dan, who applies his marketing savvy to the task of communicating his POV, and very often with hilarious results.

It's also because of Dan Riehl's encouragement that I kept blogging after Hurricane Katrina's strike on New Orleans exposed the living situation in the city and the politics of Louisiana, which matched those of the most corrupt third world countries.

Dan never knew how much he helped me get through a bad patch, so this is a good place to mention it and thank him.

Dan has given encouragement to many other new and little-known bloggers, and he has done much to keep blogging to high standards. So while you can't vote in Sullivan's Malkin poll, you can still vote for Dan by visiting Riehl World View.

All this has also reminded me that I forgot to ask you to vote for Pundita blog in Gay Patriot's Grande Conservative Blogress Diva poll.

It's too late now; Pundita came in dead last ("You actually got ten votes when we add together the first and second polling," Dan at Gay Patriot told me soothingly). But as I noted before it was an honor to be nominated and a finalist in the poll, although I think all the nominees ended up finalists.

All this has reminded me that I forgot to keep up the Pundita Weblog Awards, which I started in 2005 then, well, forgot about in 2006 and 2007. And 2008.

I started my own awards because all the finalists for the 2005 Weblog Awards "Best Blog" bored me to tears. You can find the polite version of my 2005 awards here or the impolite one here.

The 2005 Pundita Awards were well received by readers because they highlighted some interesting bloggers who would never make it into that other weblog poll.

Well, it's not too late for me to come up with a 2008 Pundita Weblog Awards, which I'll work on this weekend. If I remember.

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